PowerAGC2000 Substation Control System

With metering, control and signaling all integrated in one, PowerAGC 2000 is designed specially for power plants, It consists of two parts, the first being the main control level which is provided by two redundant D200 SMU, and the second level which is bay level control, provided by D25 devices.





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  • With reliable AGC function, the dispatching center sends AGC commands to DCS and SIS directly by a communication host (D200)
  • The bay level device (D25) communicates directly with communication hosts of both the dispatching center and the backup center by linking directly to Ethernet
  • Performs synchronization checks
  • Utilizes latest technology and design techniques to improve system reliability
  • Supports remote control, substation system control and local control with high reliability
  • Locks Local or Remote operations, and inter-locks the operations between units