The UC630  is an open architecture, distributed RTU with built-in RS232/RS485, Ethernet, and modem communications, and with a large memory capacity for data processing and storage.

With 32-bit processing power and soft PLC that minimizes programming time, UC630 bridges the gap between RTU and PLC while adding advanced power applications.





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  • Open Communications

By supporting multiple international and industrial standard protocols, DNP, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850 and TCP/IP, UC630 is easily integrated into new and existing SCADA systems. Secure communications are implemented using SSH and SSL.

  • Secure Supervisory Control

Multiple levels of checking provide protection from false operation and single point failure. A unique 3 step control relay operation sequence is employed, with hardware and software cross checking to ensure security.

  • Advanced Applications

UC630 incorporates a 300 MMACS DSP that enables complex computations of power applications such as power quality, synchronization check and operation, phase angle measurement, synchronized phasor measurements, bus fault detection, fault recording and breaker failure detection.

  • Easy Field Support

Through Internet/Intranet, downloading of software updates and configuration data eases remote maintenance.

  • Open Software

Real-time enhanced Linux provides the platform for UC630. Open source architecture allows updates and third-party development.

  • 32-bit dual core processor
  • High performance 300 MMACS DSP
  • Transducerless analog measurement
  • 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 element metering
  • 30 AC, 64 AI, 256 DI, 32 DO, 4 AO
  • Digital debouncing, filtering and Multiple Change Detection for DI
  • Phase angle measurement
  • Synchronized phasor measurement
  • Power quality
  • Synchronization check operation
  • Multi-level checks for control output
  • Fault detection and fault recording